My Meditation Journey

In recent months I’ve engaged in forums, personally experienced relationships that are so-called spiritual in nature and have connected up with many who are considered the awakened and continually rising spiritual breed (self included perhaps).

The language, perspective and beliefs shared in the collective meetings and gatherings are most exciting, to say the very least. Every single spiritual person has a perspective, set of words, method, path, teaching that sound super impressive and the absolute conviction that they are right… that they are the enlightened or know the way to be enlightened. If they don’t, they generally subscribe to a belief or group that does.

I like watching them and myself, for we are all the same pool, essentially, and the amazing humor and absurdity is downright entertaining. Many are so insistent that we end up bickering and fighting over who’s most awakened or enlightened, or who’s got the truth! :) We humans just can’t seem to help ourselves!

Perhaps this is the rise of the new religion, the religion of spirituality, because old religious models are now obsolete. Just as well…

In this post I’d like to share my little meditative journey in life thus far. If you’ve connected with me for awhile, and have worked with me in your own journeys of healing and spirituality ~ you would have seen and followed my recent changes, from someone who used to echo the same message that every spiritual group and guru does out there, to now, just speechless as I watch all others and myself!

Speechless and in laughter… for part of this rising spirituality also includes the bickering and striving with this activity and tool called meditation. Humans’ ingenius creativity has conjured up all sorts of fanciful techniques, theories and teachings to supposedly elevate us humans to the level of primordial enlightenment, awareness, whatever.

From techniques of self levitation to contacting aliens, gods, goddesses and divine light… we just love to continuously spin ourselves tighter and deeper into the web of illusions.

All still rooted in this basic human dilemma and dichotomy of separation ~ to escape fear and cling on to some sort of hope. The separation continues to fuel the need to do something, strive toward something, get to somewhere, achieve something. So we keep creating it. When we are already that which we seek, not even that!

Next Generation AI series. Backdrop of  fusion of human head and fractal shape to complement your design on the subject of mind, consciousness and spirituality

We sit, lie down and commit ritually in meditation, along with the accumulation of tonne loads of spiritual teachings with all impressive jargon and names… and create another whole new game to play with, called spirituality.

All in the name of escaping this very present moment, just for what it is, as it is.

This post isn’t meant to insult or mock you nor your spiritual beliefs and practices. For as you well know, I’ve been there myself. It’s just a simple sharing of the clarity from where I’m standing now. If it resonates for you, perhaps some shifts may just occur for you too. If it doesn’t, perhaps you may like to voice your contradicting thoughts in the comments box below.

In conclusion, I don’t downgrade meditation. It is as it is, an extremely useful tool and exercise, for helping one sense more calm and rest, especially if one is plagued by an obsessive thinking mind that drives one insane.

If not for anything else, it makes you stop, be still, take a moment to rest and breathe… and perhaps even just have a well needed nap or sleep!

Meditation as a tool is useful in encouraging mindfulness, attention and awareness ~ just being totally and fully in the present moment, is priceless. Just living and being, because you are lIfe itself.

You are life doing itself ~ wisdom, clarity, peace and love just flows on its own accord.

Life itself is a meditation.

You are simply awareness awareing. Here there is a deep underlying restful peace, that is all.

So it’s really actually simply effortless, but until one shifts into the realization of such, the game playing will just continue, much to life’s amusement.

I’ve summarised my meditation journey in a set of cartoony drawings for that seems to be the best way the message has flowed through to be shared. Hopefully, it’s understandable. (Bla bla bla are thoughts)

Which ever, how ever and where ever you are on your meditative and spirituality journey… it’s also just as it is. There are no right or wrong, no better nor worse. As long as it feels right and at peace for you, simply flow :) Perhaps what I share here too is also just another perspective! who knows?!


1. started meditating lying down ~ bla bla then sleep                 *Bla bla are thoughts*
2. tried sitting meditation ~ still bla bla then sleep
3. ha! learned not to sleep ~ just bla bla blah
4. meditated on nature ~ still bla bla
5. meditated on divine light ~ still bla bla
6. meditated on self-levitation ~ still bla bla
7. meditated on aliens and angels ~ still bla bla
8. meditated on universe, planets and stars ~ still bla bla
9. mindfulness meditation ~ just doing and bla bla
10. realization occurred on its own, uncaused, non meditated ~ aha!
11. life is a meditation!! Yay! still bla bla …

It’s simply wiser to KISS aka “keep it simple silly” ~ the simpler, the less tainted. This seems to be what I’ve come to realize :)

Thank you for sharing this space, for connecting with me and reading my post for this week…

My Tiny Buddha published article on The Power of Silence: Free Yourself from Painful Thoughts

All my love,


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