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Reactivating Your Healing Energies

Meditating with healing energy

Welcome to Meditation Training 3! This blog is in line with Meditation Video 3, a basic start to reactivating your healing energies for rebalancing and healing your mind and body.

You are essentially energy. If you don’t already know this experientially, continue to meditate. The more you are returned to your pure awareness, away from the distracting thinking mind, the more you’ll be able to sense and experience energies, not just within yourself, but also of other people’s and your surroundings’.

You are a moving, walking, talking, living human being because there’s a life energy or life force surging within you. Otherwise you’ll just be a lifeless corpse. This life energy is called many names in various cultures – in the East it’s commonly named Qi (China), Ki (Japan), Prana (India) and Loong (Tibet). In the Aztec culture it’s known as Teotl and the Inuit mythology as Orenda. In the West  we have spoken of it as the Breath of Life/God, Quintessence and Elan Vital. Whatever name you choose to assign to it, it’s just a name. The key is to know it.

For this energy is you. It’s the essence of you that doesn’t have a beginning or an end. Your physical body will die one day, but this living energy never dies. It’s your essence beyond mind and body, that emanates from your source. Energy is within you but it’s also all around you. All forms of life and all of life is just a big soup of energy.

You may perceive your body as the delineating boundary of your energy, but the truth is your skin and flesh are not solid but also subatomic molecules of space. Hence energy moves and surrounds within, around and all over you.


Here are some truths about energy, that are also laws of science and physics:

1. While energy cannot be destroyed, it can be transformed.

2. Energies have a range of frequencies.

3. Energies flow or get blocked. 

What you think, project, do and say affect the energies within and around you. Therefore your thoughts and emotions determine the frequency of the energies that you hold.  For example, thoughts or emotions of fear, anger, hatred and depression are lower frequencies, whereas love, compassion and peace are on the higher frequency spectrum.

What you think, feel and do with your mind and physical body also determines whether the energies within you flow optimally or get blocked. Unhealthy foods, insufficient sleep and physical activities, toxic and intoxicating substances all affect the state of your internal energy.

Because you and everything around you are essentially a whole ‘soup’ of energy, your surrounding energy also affects the energy within you. For example being confined in a closed artificial environment like inside a building for long hours exposed to florescent lights and computer screens all day drains your living energy. Being outside in the elements and  breathing in fresh air, soaking in the sunlight and sitting around living plants and animals revitalises and replenishes your life energy.

Similarly, surrounding yourself with people who hold or project lower energies can also affect your energies unless your frequency (vibration) is sufficiently high to hold itself and transmute the lower.

Energies of higher frequencies are healing energies, and these are still a part of you and what make up you. Your pure essence is a manifestation of your divine source. You are already a healer capable of healing yourself and others if you’re totally aligned with your source. But the human layers (layers of thoughts, perceptions, beliefs, ideas, concepts, personality, ego etc.) that have piled upon you block your own divine healing energies (in next week’s blog I will share an interesting presentation about the Human Layers).

4. You can direct and channel energies with your awareness.

5. Life energy naturally seeks toward balance, in optimum states.

Energy within you converge at strategic centres called Chakras and flow through various channels within you termed meridians or nadis. This is the basis of Eastern medicine and martial arts.

Energy goes where your awareness goes. That’s why it’s powerful to return as your awareness (as we’ve been doing in all the meditations). When your awareness is very astute, you can use it to channel and direct energies to areas in need, to help your mind and body rebalance and heal.

Various ancient and now popular arts like Qigong, Taichi, Yoga, martial arts and healing modalities like Reiki, Pranic healing and Qi healing are cultivated skills that work with channelling the wisdom of our life energy.

So continue to develop your awareness, because as your awareness grows and becomes more refined, you will, if you don’t already, feel and see energy. As your awareness sharpens, your subtler senses (beyond your 5 physical senses) will start to awaken and open.

Energies are fun and powerful. I’ve been fortunate to have been involved with these arts from young through my passion in martial arts which later matured into the areas of Yoga and Qigong. A whole new level of power and wonder lies before you when you step into your reality as an energy being.

So please enjoy this meditation 3, it’s simple yet powerful. Using your Crown Chakra and the power of your breath, I will guide you into opening and activating that higher frequency that’s already innate within you. Then your job is to continue to maintain that alignment !

Thank you embracing this series of meditation training. Please continue to use and practice them, even if it’s for 5 mins every day. Then also consciously carry that awareness with you through your day.

Regard your meditation not as a ritual, exercise or prescription you have to adhere to, but more as a gift to yourself everyday, to uncloak this physical vessel and simply be, as your true essence, energy and beyond.

Look forward to hearing about your insights and experiences this week. If you have any questions, please post in the comments sections or directly to me via email (if personal).



Light and Blessings to you,


Reconnecting with your Body Wisdom

Meditation morning-night

Welcome to Meditation Training Week 2! Thank you for all the lovely feedback – it’s great to hear that many of you have enjoyed your practice last week and some of you, getting more calm and better sleep. Please continue, and to those of you who didn’t get the chance to, try again this week, use both meditations.

If you are new to Spirit Pond this week, you’ll receive the links to both the videos in your email box, please join us for this 3-week meditation training. This week you’ll be building upon the very basic yet powerful skill of detaching from your thoughts and staying as your awareness, by reconnecting with your body wisdom. 

Your body, like your mind, is your vessel and tool, for manifesting as this beautiful human being that you are. This physical vessel has its limitations. It has a birth and an end, a limited lifespan. It operates within natural cycles, rhythms and has its own innate intelligence.

If you honour your body’s natural cycles and wisdom it will allow you to thrive with health, vitality and longevity. You’ll be able to use it as an amazing vehicle to enjoy all the beauties of life, and through it, manifest and create wonders for your life and world.

The body’s own wisdom will always return it to a state of balance, in science the term given is homeostasis, provided all conditions are optimum. It’s natural for you, in this day-to-day human living to deviate from the balance point. Life stresses – mental, emotional and physical will all impact on your body, as you know, mind and body are connected. The key is to make conscious choices and adjusments to allow your body to be able to return to balance again.

Mental stress is too much thinking or worrying. Your body doesn’t differentiate between whether something is really happening, or whether you’re just thinking it. For example, if you’re presently thinking about having a fight with your spouse tomorrow, your body will produce the same physiological effects as if you’re having a fight right now ie. heart rate increases, breathing gets shallower, blood pressure goes up, adrenaline and cortisols (stress hormones) are pumped into your blood, and your muscles grip ready for fight or flight.

Emotional stress is intense and traumatic feelings. Feelings and emotions are felt in your body, when you feel happy, sad, angry, excited, frustrated, fearful – all physiological effects occur inside your body systems. Energy surges through your whole being. Emotions are intense energies. If they are allowed to be processed safely, they will produce their physiological effects, then released and expended. But if they’re denied or suppressed, they will remain contained in your body, until triggered again.

Physical stress is when work and growth aren’t balanced with sufficient rest and recovery. Your body, like every other living thing, operates on its own natural cycles and rhythms. It requires sufficient rest and recovery for rejuvenation and repair – all your cells, organs and systems. There’s a reason why we’re given day and night. Pure total darkness allows the pineal gland in your brain to produce melatonin for sleep. Melatonin protects the DNA in your cells and has an effect on your hormonal levels. Recovery for your cells from brain to muscles are required for balanced functioning. Something healthy like physical exercise, when taken to the extreme, without sufficient recovery, becomes a stress on the body.

All the three above stresses are interconnected as mind and body are connected. When your body is out of balance on any or every level – mental, emotional and physical, your body will give you signals eg. pain, exhaustion or weak immunity. If you persist to ignore them for prolonged periods, they will start to become chronic. You might start to lose awareness of those body signals. Your body thinks it has to adjust to this new condition to survive so it adapts and your base stress level rises to a higher benchmark.

This imbalance will rise chronically if it’s continuously ignored until it reaches breaking point, where it collapses or manifests into a major dis-ease.

However, if all conditions are adjusted (even in chronic cases) the body will gravitate toward balance, even if it might take longer. This is what is known as healing. Healing is simply allowing the body to return to its natural state of balance.

So learn to, if you don’t already, or if you’ve forgotten how, to tune in to your body. For its your precious vessel to take you on this long haul of life. Learn to take heed of its messages before it gets too chronic. Slow down, sleep more, eat slower, laugh and have fun, stretch and meditate, have a bath, go for nature walks, relax and smell the roses… then you’ll hear the wisdom voice of your heart, that guides you in solving your dilemmas in life.

In meditation when you tune into your body, you’ll detect more because the body is still and the mind (should also be) still. When all is still, you will feel the subtle sensations in your body, and may even detect the energies within your body.

On a spiritual level, when you’re in tuned with your energies, which are emanations from that silent core of you, you will also hear messages from your intuition. Intuition is your higher self and it is guidance and wisdom if you flow with it.

In my clinic, I love working with young children. As they are still so pure, without congested layers of ego, conditioning and an obsessively thinking mind – they often account to me the beautiful energy sensations experienced in their bodies during their healing sessions.

So enjoy and experience the inside of your body this week. When you’re ready, try meditating a few times on your own, without the guided video. Try also to carry that awareness and tuning-in through out your day, being aware of what it feels like inside you.

When you’re finely tuned back into your body, and perhaps also sense the energies in your body, then you can learn how to channel it for healing. Next week in Meditation Training 3 you will be guided into activating your healing energies.

Please post any questions or concerns in the comments section below, and share your experiences and insights. Until next week, Happy Meditating!




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