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10 Wisdom for a meaningful Christmas season

Christmas star ornamentsWhether Christmas holds a religious significance for you or whether it’s a time to be merry with family and friends, we all agree that this holiday season is a special time of the year.

The energy of this season is one of cheer, sharing and loving as we try and get together for meals, drinks and laughter. And of course, the exchange of presents and gifts signifies the giving and receiving spirit of this tradition.

The embodiment of sharing and love, however, should be something we should cultivate, not just at Christmas, but all the time, through the year.

Just for a bit of light reading (so you can get back to your family and friends) here are 10 wisdom for a meaningful Christmas season, with your loved ones and your world. You may already fully know them, just a friendly reminder for us all:

1. Spare a moment to count your blessings - be grateful and thankful for all that you have, people in your life, lessons you’ve learned, growth you’ve made and journeys you’ve undertaken.

2. Spare some thought and dollars for those with very much less - some may not have the gifts, clothes and foods that you have. So buy a homeless a meal, give a bit more to a charity, contribute some to a Christmas appeal. Send love and energies to those who are suffering and alone.

3. Be frugal and sustainable – overspending on more unnecessary material stuff will further clogg up your home, create more wastes and be a disfavour to your already over consumerism type world. Overeating and overdrinking will simply make your body feel crappy and unwell.

4. Give more smiles and lend a hand - to your loved ones, but also to friends and strangers who are in need of a brighter day, who may not have loving families or many friends.

5. Give time and attention - time to turn off those computers, television, phones and go kick a football, run around the beach, sit around for long chats, with your loved ones.

6. Look others in the eyes and sense their energy - eyes are windows into your soul. When you look into another’s eyes and be open to their energies, it’s the greatest gift you can give. You are connecting with their soul.

7. Forgive and let go – often at these times of the year, old grudges and wounds can resurface when people get together. In line with the love energy of this season, choose to bless them and let go to lighten your own baggage.

8. Spare some time to replenish and rejuvenate No.1 i.e. You! for you deserve it, and so you can continue to share and love others.

9. Find some time for silence – allow yourself to also experience the true spirit of this season, which is peace. In that space, continue to send peace to all in your world.

10. Be totally present and allow yourself to fully enjoy every moment – fully laugh, play, dance and be loud. Love fully and embrace genuinely.

Dear beautiful soul, if you can think of any other to add to this list, please add in the comments below. Otherwise, please enjoy a most wonderful, safe and blessed Christmas season!

Finally, here’s a little wish just for you… click to watch the video below :)


Blessings and Love to you and yours,


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