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Awaken Feature Samantha Fox Olson

For this month’s Awaken Feature, I was privileged to interview a beautiful friend of mine Samantha Fox Olson, who had healed from her past with self-love and the power of self-belief. Growing up she battled with bulimia and knew what it was like to be mean to her body. Today, her relationship with her body has transformed profoundly, and she consistently inquires with how to expand that love even more.

Samantha is passionate about inspiring women to transform their relationship with their own body, to feel fit, fabulous and sexy and to really LOVE themselves – opening the gateway to joyful freedom and limitless possibilities.

If you lack an inner anchor or awareness of who you are beyond just mind and body, it’s easy to get swept up by all the obsession with outer appearances and body image. Media bombards you with images of unrealistic bodies, anti-aging creams, tucks and lifts, and steers you toward defining your worth by your outer appearance.

Young girls like your daughters and mine, middle-aged women and those entering into mature age, consciously or unconsciously harbor inadequacies and a sense of lack deep within. They set unnatural and extreme standards for themselves in terms of their physical shape, weight and outer appearance, to validate their own beauty and worth. Mind you, this plight also extends to the male gender of our society as well.

Of course, along with such skewed obsession, what may follow are the dysfunctions from various eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, obesity, etc. Or leading to compulsive obsession with one’s body (as I’ve written about in last week’s post) being labelled as body dysmorphic disorder.

These dysfunctions are now being conveniently grouped by society and the medical establishment as a ‘mental illness’ – another condition for drugs to be prescribed, to fund the already very affluent pharmaceutical industry. Do the drugs address the root causes? Do they cure you? Does cutting, tucking, pumping in toxins and deforming your body forever ensure you remain acceptably beautiful and forever youthful and worthy?

If you don’t know your true worth as you are now, how can you know your true worth regardless of any outer shape or form?

Why not wisely address the root causes of the inadequacies and lack within oneself? And heal through suitable nutritional, physical and health regime, restructuring of negative thought patterns, release of emotional hurts and pains from past woundings, and reawakening that true inner beauty and spirit essence within.

Hence, as with any dysfunction, a journey of deep healing and awakening is what your body and mind is screaming out for, not more tucks and pills to mask all the internal turmoil. Samantha brings this message across powerfully to all young and older, through her own healing and blossoming toward empowerment.

In her wisdom, Samantha emphasized the key elements of community connection, gratitude and celebration, self-love and the spirit of not giving up and baby steps in working through your trials and tribulations. To embrace and nourish your completeness – the perfect, not so perfect and imperfections and work from that compassionate space to restructure your own journey into self-love.

Then from that thriving point, your passion and vision can’t help but overflow into your world.

You are liquid love in physical bodies, wanting, more than life itself, because it is life itself, to adore the vessel that’s you through which this Source Energy flows. – Abraham Hicks

Please enjoy our little interview and if you wish to connect with Samantha, or check out some of her work, you may visit and

Thank you for reading this post, please share any comments or thoughts in the comments section below. What do you think is the cause of major internal lack? or insights from your own relationship with your body…

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