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How to Self-Heal your Depression

depressed man sitting against the light reflected in the water

Recently there’s been lots of media coverage and writings about Depression. Ever since the tragic loss of Robin Williams, a well loved soul who made millions laugh and feel happy, everyone seems to have something to add or say about how to manage depression. So when I was in the middle of creating a transformational program, and this tragedy occurred, I was actually speechless for quite awhile.

I never used to bother speaking about depression because to me, it didn’t even deserve my attention. It was total history. I was too busy enjoying life than to give that label any time of the day . However, when I met people who talked to me about their depression or when I worked on clients with depression, it would always hit me with an intense tug of empathy right in the guts. I’ve never forgotten what it was like, even though now it seems surreal, almost like a totally previous life or dream.

So somehow the transformational program that I was in the midst of creating started to take shape into a program on How to Self-heal your Depression. This program is built upon a general healing, growth and transformational framework called The Gingko Journey© . This structure and process can be used for healing anything, and also for growth and evolution of your true inner self – your soul.

For when you evolve and grow on a soul level, your physical limitations, imbalances and blockages simply dissolves and you heal, grow and transform.

I’m sure you’ll agree, we’ve all been there at one time or another, the lowest of the very low, and sometimes stuck there for quite awhile. For some of you, the ability to climb out of that hole seems totally impossible and non-existent. Perhaps some of you are really great, but like me, you’re probably pained by others like friends, family, acquaintances who are suffering with this despair and fear. For depression and anxiety almost go hand-in-hand. In absolute despair, life becomes a journey plagued with fear.

So I’d like to invite you, my beautiful souls, to please take some time to view this presentation that my kids and I have spent months putting together – because our vision is: To bring more healing to our world.

For to heal our broken world, we first and foremost need to heal ourselves.

And we all have wounds, however big or small. That’s the inevitable result of this physical existence. Our wounds, imbalances and tribulations are our opportunities to step into the discovery and revelation of our true, higher, wiser and stronger self. Such is the purpose of this physical life journey.

All chronic imbalances and illnesses such as eating disorders, alcoholism, digestive disorders, chronic anxiety, excessive compulsive disorders, and the list goes on… whether diagnosed or not, are cries from our body, mind and soul for help, to start on a journey of hard work, in healing. So to truly heal, we need to heal from the core, from our soul level.

But too common these days, the majority of people choose to leave the responsibility of health and healing into some other’s hands. Some even choose to blame everything and everyone else, including the actual ‘condition’ itself. Most expect to be given a ‘magic pill’. Sadly, this perspective doesn’t lead to true healing.

However, there are also beautiful souls, like yourself, or someone you may know, who truly, genuinely want to do the work, heal and transform – but never knew you could (because you’ve never been told you could) and never knew exactly how you could.

It is for this reason and for you specifically that this program has come about. This program will not be launched to the world for another couple of months. For now I’m only opening it up to you, my valued subscribers, and all my social and professional networks, for limited spots in the full program. While I aim to facilitate you toward your  healing, I would appreciate you in helping me fine-tune the program with your regular feedback (both good and bad). As my gesture of appreciation I’d like you (if you’re suited and approved) to participate in the program totally Free! Email me after the presentation if this suits you and you’re interested.

So please hop on over and watch the 5 mins Intro then whack your email below it, get yourself a cup of tea, and sit down for a little presentation.

As you know, I always value your honest feedback, so please share and tell me in the comments section, so I can continue to improve… Please enjoy! Click here to view How to Self-Heal Your Depression




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