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Living, Laughing, Loving

waterdropThis weekend is a rainy and stormy one in my nook of the world. I love rainy days, apparently the English dictionary has conveniently termed people like me, with such sentiments as a pluviophile (a lover of rain) Ha!

With all the raining, I stood and watched the raindrops fall onto puddles all over the grounds in my backyard. As swiftly as each drop fell, it became the puddle, but that swift movement of falling free from any suspension is a fresh untainted moment for each drop.

So what’s that got to do with living, laughing, loving ?

Like each falling moment of the raindrop, so is each moment of your so-called life ~ tick-ticking,  tock-ticking exactly as brief, spontaneous and wondrously beautiful. However we tend to have the tendency to disrupt and pollute that which is as natural as a falling drop of rain.

We smear the fresh present with obsessive thoughts caught in the past or anticipation of the future, that we totally miss that brief yet most gifted present moment. We construct all sorts of of ideas, beliefs and concepts from our seemingly intelligent minds that rob us of the simple and full bliss of the present.

You are life itself, you don’t live a life. Life flows, propels and surges forth as you, just as it does as a sunflower in the fields or a newborn calf. All the stories about you ~ your past, your troubles and woes, and the worries about your future are just the constructs that are held within your mind and body because you believe and entertain them. These beliefs and identifications to these false mind constructs give rise to a separation within you, away from the true unicity that you are.

So the simple thing is to just get back to the real, and what’s the real? The real is fully experiencing the present as freshly and untainted as the raindrop.

When you show up fully as life, you will simply be living! Living takes care of itself, you don’t have to think, plan or worry extensively about it ~ just like a seed doesn’t have to worry about growing. Of course, this is often easier said than done, especially when we’ve been gifted with a brain, which now mainly functions on auto-pilot 24-7.

As such it’s useful to cultivate skills like mindfulness and meditation practices so that you learn to detach from your thoughts. When you detach from your thoughts, you will not stop your brain from functioning. You will simply start to regain control over the kinds of thoughts you choose to think and use your brain as a focussed and functioning tool.

Flowing as life you will naturally find yourself laughing. Even during what may seem like the darkest of times, the heart within laughs silently with the joys of being alive. The joy is the gift of being alive and experiencing the rawness as life in full vulnerability and openness.

The beauty of all the wonders will also be experienced to the fullest when you’re present in the moment. Colors, textures, tastes and smells will be defined and accentuated. The dance of life with all its dramas will appear amusing because you’ll know that the dance is just part of the play that you simply flow with. Like a river flow, it will eventually flow out to the sea, regardless of the debris and obstacles that may gather along the way.

Finally, you life itself, is simply Love and oneness. If and when you are not in love and oneness, it’s separation that arises because you’ve attached to the mind and all its objects of play. You may spend years trying to cultivate and learn how to love, but the natural and effortless shift occurs when you realize that you are Love.

You are emanating Love, and flowing love, that is your natural state. So total presence in all its freshness, just like the raindrop is all there is.

Dear beautiful soul, this post comes to remind you to simply be ~ to Live, Laugh and Love fully, for that is all this journey of life is meant to be.

Please feel free to share your comments and insights too in the comments box below.

Blessings and Love to you,





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