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7 ways to restore balance in your life

sick man cant work any moreThis week I’ve been brought to the point of total surrender, after my body and mind gave me clear messages to back off and just stop!

Living my heart’s passions means my explosive creative energies sometimes end up taking on too much, promising too much too quickly and trying to be everything to everyone. I find myself juggling ten balls at a time, so when an unexpected spanner is thrown in the works, all the balls come crashing down.

So I listened, as my physical being bordered on exhaustion this week. Having healed myself from many physical imbalances in the past, I know only too well the signs of imminent dis-order.

Its okay to leave the unsorted podcasting programme, unfinished ecourse contents creation, blog submissions, half-written book, unfulfilled promises. Its okay to wait till tomorrow, turn that computer off, leave the cleaning for another day or week.

Its time to restore balance by submerging in that silence and stillness for as long as needed.

candles and stones for spa

I’m sure we’ve all been there before. I’d like to share with you 7 ways that I’ve always cultivated to restore and return back to that balance:

1. Listen to your body

Your body has its own innate intelligence and it’s a living process that thrives on balance. When it’s out of balance you’ll be given loud and clear messages. Your digestion may start to go funny, your head gets heavier and feels foggier, your body weakens and you start catching coughs and colds. If you’re anything like me, my body just kicks into auto shut-down mode. My eyelids automatically shut and want to sleep for a 100 years.

2. Stop

Simple and obvious yet so hard to do. So you’ve listened to your body, naturally the only thing to do is stop! The brain will always keep telling you “No!” You’ve got deadlines to meet, promises to fulfil, people to save and so much to get done. But it’s okay to be imperfect, to fall short, to let others wait a little longer, to not finish everything. You are human and you have limitations, just like everyone else. And the truth is, life is full of unfinished business. Even if you think you’ve finished everything, there will always be more new stuff. That’s life.

2. Sleep

The most powerful restorative pill. Remember how glorious it felt after a real good night’s sleep? You have enough energy to fly to the moon and back. Enjoy the mindful practice of snuggling into your cosy and warm bed. Allow yourself to uncloak that heavy physical mind and body and drift into the lightness and spaciousness of the sleep world. Did you know that all your vital organs start their detoxification and restorative processes from about 10pm? So if you chronically have late nights, you’re depriving your body of this significant need. Have an early night.

3. Meditate

No.2 might be easier said than done, if you have a long-term habit of ignoring the messages from your body. If you consistently push your body over the edge into overdrive, it will be difficult to shut it down, for the body will lose its own internal balance regulator. Meditation is a powerful way to kick it back into let go mode. Meditate to quiet the mind and soften the body, so it can drift into a deep sleep for full restoration.

4. Warm bath

A long warm soak in an Epsom salt bath with relaxing oils of lavender or citruses will allow your body to unwind before a restorative sleep. The magnesium in epsom salts is an excellent muscle relaxant for your body and water naturally calms the mind.

5. Yoga

Yoga is a meditation in itself. Apart from stretching out your stressed, contracted and hardened muscles, yoga postures centers you back fully into the present. It takes you away from all that noise in the head. Yoga also helps you breathe fully into your abdominals to slow down your heart rate, breathing rate, bring in more oxygen filled air to calm your body.

6. Connect with nature

It may be a simple effort such as going to a local park or into your backyard and lying flat on your back, on the grass. Grounding and earthing allows all the agitated positive ions accumulated from your stressful mind and environment (electromagnetic radiation) to be neutralised by the negative ions from the earth. Do that on a beautiful shiny day and you add a dose of sunshine and blast of fresh oxygen to top it off beautifully.

7. Refrain from artificial stimulants

During unmanageable times it’s easy and most tempting to grab just another cup of short black, eat that tub of ice cream, have a few glasses of wine, or watch some television – but they don’t work. Caffeine may lift you up with a spike straight away but it’ll whack you down further than you were before. Sugar overload just cranks your already over driven system into hyper mode and television is just bad news period. Try some light reading, watch a good comedy or simply sit in silence with your dearest beloved.

Dear beautiful soul, I will leave you here now and return to my spot on that grass out in my backyard, on this sunny Perth day. It is a blessing indeed :)

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And of course, please share your thoughts and wisdom too, so we may learn from you, many more ways you’ve used to restore your balance… share yours in the comments below.




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