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How to handle negativity in your life and world

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Regardless of how ‘spiritual’, awakened or enlightened you are, negativity and the so called dark side of this physical life and world will inevitably bombard you at one time or another. Unless of course, you can keep yourself totally locked up or hidden away deep in a cave somewhere. Even so, the roof of the cave could collapse!

It is a fact, this physical existence consists of polar opposites, otherwise it wouldn’t be able to exist.

I am presented with this question countless times by many on their spiritual paths, awakened souls just like yourself:

“So how do I handle all the negativity, pain and suffering in my world? From everything I see on the news to family and friends who continually choose to live in anger, fear, judgement and despair, then take them all out on me!” 

“How do I block out and get rid of all these toxic energies and people in my life?” 

“I am so blissed out and enlightened when I go to a retreat, surround myself with loving people, read inspirational books, listen to uplifting talks and after completing a life-changing course – but then afterwards I’m back in my usual routine and stress. Surrounded by it all again, it pulls me down and I lose that center, calm and peace.” 

You may have learned along the way to use various forms of protection helpers like special crystals, oils, dousing techniques, calling upon saints and angels, meditation, prayer or visualization practices – which are all useful tools. And that they are, simply tools. Ultimately, the most powerful protection comes from no-need-for-protection. Just as the most powerful healing comes non-reasoning, but transcending. So too, transcendence is your highest and truest protection.

So how do you transcend?


1. Choose to make changes

– Choose to turn off the mainstream media, be selective about what you wish to read, hear or talk about. Mainstream media loves to spread doom and fear for it sells and headlines that shock cause a lot of furor. It’s not about being ignorant, but in choosing to be informed wisely, then ignoring the negativity instead of tuning into it all the time.

– Choose to be surrounded by people who inspire you, motivate and love you. Bless then let go and move further away from those who judge, criticize and condemn you. You know that the core of you is Light and wholeness – you don’t need others to define your worth, let alone those who are so lost themselves.

– Choose to make mental and behavioural changes in your life. If the old patterns of thinking and living that were ingrained into you from your past are self-destructive and disempowering, choose to rewire new ones with affirmations and visualizations. Choose to learn new skills, make new friends, engage in new activities. When you choose to open from your positive vibrations, you will attract more positive vibrations in return. Choose wisely where and what to channel your energies into and away from.



2. Remain and Hold

– Remain and hold in your true higher reality. You’ve already come a long way in your own soul growth and evolution, honor your true self by holding in that higher space. This doesn’t mean being pious or arrogant but simply to believe in your own strength, worth and integrity.

– Remaining and holding in that space involves your regular spiritual (not religious) practice that keeps you aligned and in tuned, whether you center through meditation practices, creative work, connecting with nature or through service to others.

– This also involves making the conscious choices in your everyday living and during challenging times to remain and hold in all the wisdom you’ve cultivated through your life journey of growth and healing. Basically to remember everything that you’ve learned and how far you’ve come, then trust in that guidance which has brought you thus far, to continue to take you forward.



3. Project and Send

– In choosing to hold, live and be your true higher self, it is only natural that you simply project and send love and compassion to all, including the polar opposites. For you know that the true reality is we are all essentially one and connected – beneath all the dysfunctions.

– You will understand and cease to judge but respect that as much as you have the gift and privilege of freedom of choice, so too do all others. Hence as much as our true essence is oneness – nevertheless separation, suffering and dysfunctions may still exist because others may make their own choices, sadly out of ignorance or fear.

– You will know that as much as this physical world may be an imperfect world, there is a higher purpose and a bigger picture which you may or may not totally understand at this point in physical time. You will continue to project your vibration at the higher spectrum with love and compassion, and play your role and make your difference in however your spirit compels you to.

So dear beautiful souls, we may live in an imperfect world, or may still be surrounded by imperfect people – and are still imperfect ourselves for we too, are still on our own little journeys. Instead of falling into the trap of fear, which is the lowest on the scale of vibration – we are naturally protected by remaining in the higher field of love and compassion.

So, how to handle negativity in your life and world ?  By continually making wise choices in line with your true and higher reality while holding in the space of compassion – both for yourself and your world, this will uphold the higher vibration. Higher vibration will simply transmute lower vibration. As such, collectively we will continue to affect exponential shifts in ourselves and others, and this is better protection than any other.

Please be generous and share your thoughts, views and insights, how have you held yourself in your higher space through negativities and challenges? Would love you to connect with us in the comments section below :)


Love and Blessings to you


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