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Why the suffering in our world?


Although the world is full of suffering it is also full of brave people who are overcoming it. – anon

These recent weeks have seen some big headlines in our news with wars where children are in the cross-fires and being used as pawns. Then the latest shock of a random commercial plane being shot off the air where anyone like your mother, child or friend could have been a victim. It’s even more shocking when some of the victims on that plane were from your city, because it prompts in your head “what if that was me? or my loved one?”

The truth is suffering and violence happen all the time, everywhere in our world. For many, when viewing war and suffering in distant parts of the world through the television screen, it might, for a moment make them pause and feel empathy. Then as soon as they change the channel or turn the telly off, it’s back to a few laughs on reality game show or copious amount of gourmet foods on Master Chef.

This week I’ve been asked by clients and friends: Why is there such suffering in our world? Why do all these things happen?


1. Human beings are disconnected from their source. Source doesn’t mean religion or belief systems. Its the true experiential source essence of who we really are. For if we know and live as our source of being, we will naturally have compassion and be at one with all of life – regardless of how others may look, speak or believe in. For our true oneness is unconditional love. This ceases to become just a theory or teaching, but a reality.

2. Instead of realizing our true source, most humans live by a chronic identification with the conditioned mind. The conditioned mind is all beliefs, perceptions, emotions and desires wrapped around the reality of a separate individual ego self.

For example, someone in the Middle East who sticks a gun to the head of an innocent child because he believes and has been taught that child is different, of no value, comes from a culture and race that he hates; is not too different to you if you have chosen to hate that neighbour who allows his dog to poop on your lawn, steal the avocados from your tree, plays loud heavy metal music and spits across your fence. Perhaps the intensity may be a little different, you might not have access to a gun, as yet.

And while the freedom of choice is a gift to humankind, it’s also each individual’s freedom of choice that determines if we attach to that conditioned mind or be in lined with our true source essence.

The chronic and sad predicament of humanity is, how can we be in lined with our source, if most humans don’t even know their source essence?

3. The suffering, violence, disharmony and pain in our world is a reflection of the collective dysfunction within each human being. It’s because each human being suffers on their insides with their anger, hatred, fear and pain – have not healed, dissolved and resolved, hence continues to suppress, fester and feed that darkness into explosions of tragedy and cruelty.

The macro levels are always a reflection of the mico units.

So do we just despair in utter hopelessness and spiral into suffering ourselves? What can we or I do?

1. As easy as it sounds, attend to yourself first and foremost.

Are you connected to your source? Are you a reality of your true essence of oneness and compassion? For if you are, though you will pain in empathy with the state of humanity, you will be at peace. Peace doesn’t mean accepting the dysfunctions and wrongdoings but its seeing beyond that and rising above it.

How do you rise above it?

When you are connected and in lined with your source, you will honour the fragility, preciousness, impermanence and unpredictable nature of life with a humility and reverence that you are only a microscopic part of a greater whole. You will not attach to life with such a possessiveness or fear for you’ll know it’s not in your right to control.  As a part, like all other lifeforms, you make your choices but others also have the right to make their choices, however unaligned.

In true compassion your holding the peace will collectively maintain the higher vibration of the world toward change. By doing such, you’re not helpless but are supporting the source energy to create its own shift.

If you spiral into despair and worse, further anger, hatred, fear and vengeance you will contribute further to the pool of lower vibrations already rampant in our world.

2. If fully in tuned and at source connection, you are compelled to take actions – be it through a voice, pen or actual field work, then you’ll be operating from that space of higher vibrations. Hence you’ll be able to affect more change and make your profound difference.

3. There are always two sides to the coin, the nature of the polarity of our physical existence. There will be no day without a night, nor hot without cold. Likewise in honouring the polarity with reverence, choose to maintain and hold in the light.

For Darkness is simply the absence of Light. That’s how both individually and collectively we have always been able to turn adversities into gold and bring forth more growth and expansion, from destruction.

Life has a way of taking care of us better than we think we can, let’s maintain our reverence and hold in our silence and peace.

Thanks for reading this somewhat longer post, compelled by the emotions and concerns I’ve been exposed to this week.
Dear beautiful soul, I would love to hear your words and thoughts too, please share in the comments below. How do you get affected? And how do you maintain your peace and role among the chaos?

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