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What is Ego?


Are you familiar with the concept of Ego? What is Ego?

The mainstream and dictionary’s definition of ego ranges from:

self-esteem, self-importance, self-worth, self-respect, self-confidence, self-image… to

the “I” or self of any person; a person as thinking, feeling, and willing, and distinguishing itself from the selves of others and from objects of its thought. (Source:

Ego in the spiritual self-realized sense, is any projection of the mind. Anything and everything that is conceptual arises out of ego mind… created into an identity of ego self and its layers of beliefs, stories and perceptions.

Ego mind is the mental and thinking mind, which consists of the conscious and subconscious. However, there is another level to you – the superconscious, or the level beyond egoic mind. Hence the level of you beyond all that has been created by ego mind. This is the level that is the portal into ultimate liberation and freedom.

Everything that is created by ego mind in the form of the self and all that it identifies with is the illusion that every spiritual seeker seeks to expose and dismantle on the journey and quest toward enlightenment. Ego distorts and simply shrouds your true essence from its ultimate liberation.

This illusion does not imply that it is not real in the sense that it should be disregarded, but merely that it should not be attached to or identified with.

Ego in itself, should be honored, as it is our vehicle of play in this game of life.

The ego serves the purposes of growth and again as a vehicle toward self-realization into your wholeness. So once you understand the function and nature of the ego, it is nothing to be feared, avoided or disregarded.

Unresolved ego also compounds and carries through each lifetime, so it can become quite a complex and intricate web of veil within each soul. This veil shields and blocks the natural state and flow of your pure essence itself.

Your pure essence, life that you manifest as, is dynamic, a flow and a process. It is only your choice to attach to what blocks and impedes the flow that causes dysfunctions and stagnation.

So what is ego in the simple sense?

It is everything that you think you are, and that arises from what you think you are, know and believe.


How often do you encounter others and yourself, saying “This is just me… I can’t help it… this is me”

or “No that’s exactly how I think and believe…”.

We continue to choose whether consciously, or more often, unconsciously, to be defined by who and what we think we are, and should be.

The fact is everything about you only appears fixed because they are your ego self and layers that you’ve chosen to attach to and identify with. These can be your personality, your life story, your sufferings, your opinions, beliefs, etc. However, if you recognize them for what they are, but consciously choose not to attach to them, they will be open to change, flow and new creative possibilities.

Ego self and layers may consist of positive ones that serve you and negative ones that don’t. When you are conscious and aware, you can wisely choose what to keep and what to discard or change.

Some awakened souls who have experienced transcendence through series of awakenings may find that they would prefer to do away completely with ego… but is that totally possible in this physical existence? Would we be able to function without an ego at all? No identities? self-defining anything? Almost impossible… unless you can live in a cave as a hermit.

Some awakened souls may also progress into creating new ego self and layers in lined with their new spiritual identities and beliefs, to replace old ones.


There’s nothing wrong with using ego as a tool and vehicle in your processes of living in this journey of life – for the purposes of experiencing, enjoying, creating and evolving. You just have to be conscious and vigilant of the nature of ego, as the ultimate illusion… and simply use it as a functional tool in this game and play of life.

If you don’t, that’s where you may falter, and succumb to suffering or impairment to the natural course of the flow, of which is your true essence. So allow ego to be a friend and foe… but attach not at all, and enjoy the ride!

Dear beautiful soul, would love to hear your thoughts on Ego if you care to share… in the comments box below :)

* For further exploration into the wisdom of self-realization and self-liberation through dismantling the Ego, my recommendations are some of the works by:
– Eckhart Tolle
– Adyashanti
– Mooji
– Sri Ramana Maharshi
– Nisargardatta Maharaj
– Advaita Non-Duality
– Dzogchen Teachings


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