Wrapping-up of 2015

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Pic credit: Dreamstime freestock; Andre Klopper

Wrapping-up of 2015

So we’ve flown through another year and all ready to bind up the chapters, as we turn the pages and begin the new chapters for another.

Although time is really just a concept and there really isn’t such a thing as time per se, nevertheless it allows for the writing of stories… which makes up what you are.

Each so-called year of the spinning and weaving in its varied and myriad tapestry… life consists of absolutely all facets… the joys, excitement and laughter, but also the tears, pain and perhaps even agony.

Here’s a piece that flowed through a couple of months ago… a gentle reminder that you are life and the many facets of this jewel of you is the glimmering aliveness itself, in whatever and however…

Live and Aliveness

Tis not just glowing welcoming sunrises and caressing sunsets

but also engulfing bush fires and scorching droughts.


Tis not just long-awaited rains that fill the drinking wells

and create drops and puddles that feed the buds and frogs

but also floods that sweep through homes and towns

and violent storms that scourge oceans onto land.


Tis not just scrumptious roasts and wine that we overindulge

but also famished lepers dragging along the streets.


Tis not just exhilaration when twirling with health and vitality

but also sickness that depletes and shudders of imminent death.


Tis not just the laughter and joys of babies

but also screams of anguish in prison walls.


Tis not just drunkenness of lovers deep in enthralling love

but also shredded lacerating wounds of broken hearts.


Tis not just thrills and excitement of new adventures

but also boredom and despair of meaningless routines.


Tis not just majestic mountains of awe

and moonlight shadows of mystery

but also wee tunnels of anthills

and beetles carrying their loads home.


Tis not just meadows of endless blossoms in rainbow hues

with wafting scents of nectar and sweetness

but also stink of rotting dung and dross

from the wastelands of human massacres


Tis not just love, hugs and kisses

but also anger, loneliness and pain.


You are life at its rawest

the whole caboodle and shebang

nothing left out

the tapestry of you


Life itself!


© patsie Nuna Yakone Oct15


In the last months or so I was privileged with the opportunity to travel to the other side of the world to experience the rainforests of Canada, connect with dear friends who are more like family, and also experience the beautiful Aurora borealis in Alaska.

This was what flowed through as I was lifted and absorbed fully into the aurora…


The Aurora Borealis

(Inspired by my experience with the aurora in Fairbanks Alaska)

“The Aurora is an incredible ribbon of moving light across northern and southern skies of the earth, caused by collisions in the earth’s magnetic field between electrically charged particles released from the sun that enter the earth’s atmosphere and collide with gases such as oxygen and nitrogen.”

The sun, the source of non and undefinable-source is also the rays,

also the blending and colluding of the rays and the magnetic field…

also the producing of the dancing ribbons of magical colors and light

sometimes red, purple, green or all

is also the non-aurora

when skies unclear, lenses clouded.

Always moving, never remains, can’t be caught nor fixed

regardless of how exquisitely alluring and stunning it may be…

the amazing beauteous aurora!

We are the sun, the rays, the magnetic field, the dancing ribbons of radiance…

even on clouded lenses of skies…

the aurora borealis.

© patsie Nunavut Yakone Nov15


I hope you enjoy these words and may they somehow touch or speak to your beautiful heart…

With all my love for the approaching festive season of love and gathering, and looking forward to dancing into new chapters for the upcoming year!


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