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Do you have a spiritual practice?

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(concept art The Red Hummingbird  © Jessica Smith 2014)

Spirituality is not a religion, belief system, doctrine, dogma or ritual. 
Spirituality is knowing who you really are as your own personal reality.
And then living and integrating that true and higher reality into every present moment of this life journey.

Sunday is my only day of complete rest and I value and guard it religiously, as it is the only day of the week that I can simply allow myself to just ‘be’. Not to be dictated by the number on the clock but to just flow with the tide of the day. In this fast-paced age of immediacy and material bombardment, this practice is sacred to my body and soul, in addition to my daily yoga and meditation.

This one particular Sunday morning as I was lying on the grass under my jacaranda tree, blissful after my yoga and meditation, I remembered being told about a certain Tibetan Buddhist temple near my home. “The meeting starts at 10 am”, I was told.

Having always had a deep spiritual connection with the Himalayas I naturally had a strong desire to go and check out this temple. But this morning the tide did not feel like it was quite flowing that way. As I turned my head while lying on the warm grass, a willy wagtail bird next to me was busily foraging for bugs and worms. Turned my head the other way, and my dog Charlie was snoring in utter contentment. I observed the detailed velvety like patterns etched on his moist black nose that moved gently with each breath.

Turned my head again, looked up and I beheld the vast clear blue skies with soft billowy clouds, soft jacaranda leaves on the tree dancing in the breeze, and the bees and insects circling above me full of buzz and life. I was left with nothing but awe.

The message was profoundly clear to me in the midst of such joy and peace that morning, “Ha! Why this is my temple! Nature and this connection for today is my temple, thank you.”  I still got myself to the Tibetan Buddhist temple one day, just not that morning.

What is spirituality and why do we need a spiritual practice? For some, this means the ritual of going to a particular place of worship or gathering, and adopting particular rituals and beliefs. This is noble, helpful and gives us an identity, a sense of well being and belonging. Belief systems evolved through the times with mankind’s creativity and adaptation.

However the true essence beneath and before all the beliefs, rituals, teachings and dogmas is simple, universal, pure and unclouded. So keep a check on your spiritual practice to make sure you always stay true to the elements of your core and essence.
True spirituality anchors in the core of your higher reality. It does not judge, blame, differentiate, destroy or place yourself above any other. It simply exudes peace and love.

Your pure and true essence is

  1. unconditional love - hence your true reality inevitably flows and translates into unity, oneness connectedness, respect and compassion. With that comes sharing, giving and loving.
  2. infinite and unbounded – hence it transmutes into joy, freedom and creativity.
  3. silent, still, undefinable – hence you naturally connect and are at peace when you simply just be.
  4. whole, no beginning and no endhence you do not live with fear or lack, but with trust and faith.

A spiritual practice is part of your spirituality, it is sacred for it maintains your connection to your core being, your true reality. It feeds your soul and nourish your spirit, so you stay anchored in the sea of this ever changing life. Without your anchor, you easily get swept here, there and everywhere, sometimes you may drown.
So do you have a spiritual practice? Perhaps it is meditating or daily prayers? Or perhaps it is spending time in nature, creating a piece of art, playing and creating music, giving time and help to the needy unconditionally.
Spiritual practice is also being fully present in the moment. For in being totally and fully here and now in mind, body and soul – you are essence itself. And life manifests all around and through you in all magical wonder.

As always would love you to share your thoughts in the comments section below, what is your spiritual practice?
Have an awesome week ! Namaste.

Blessings and Light,

Fear, Panic and Stress


Have you ever been hit by fear, panic and stress all at once?

Not just the day-to-day minor ones, but the huge colossal tidal wave type.

I’m sure all of us have, at one time or another in this lifetime. I’d like to share with you a little true story about something that happened to me about four years ago. I was at a point in life where everything was cruising along really fine, in fact I was at a spiritual peak in my life. I had grown in myself so much that I was at that point of knowing and feeling that I was invincible. I had transcended the fear of death, so nothing in life would phase me.

I’ve had that many awakenings and shifts that I was certain I had reached enlightenment. Quietly inside myself, I knew that I could handle any stress that life would dish out to me, no sweat. Nothing whatsoever in this physical life could shake me. Not even if the worst happened. And the worst thing that could ever happen is if something awful happened to one of my children, as they are the people I love most. I would be totally crushed but I knew I would still be centered and anchored.

So what did life do? With a great sense of humor, it threw me a curve ball! Randomly, without any warning at all, this big monumental wave swept in. I found myself accidentally (and I mean a total random accident) injuring someone very badly, that I almost killed her. The details are too long to account for here or it would take up pages. Suffice to say, due to the random accident, she ended up in hospital in intensive care, possibly having to go in to surgery in 24 hrs if condition was still critical.

My first reaction when I got the phone call was to run into the bathroom and vomitted into the toilet. I was so sick, limp and frozen. Speechless…

So, I thought I could handle any stress whatsoever that life would hand to me, now here’s a stress of a totally different kind. This was a trauma, suffering and pain that I had inflicted onto another. Holy… I didn’t know how to handle that one, I was totally thrown off my perch.

I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced this before, but I hadn’t, until then. There’s something inherently different when you’re the one who has inflicted major pain and suffering on someone else, even if its unintentional and random.

Then immediately following that, fear and panic set in – like a tsunami. The following 24 hours I was in shock. My head was bombarded with the replay of the incident – how, why, what would have happened if, what do I do, what will happen… and most of all, what sort of pain is she in, what’s her family going through, her husband, two sons.

I couldn’t eat, couldn’t talk, couldn’t function – yet I kept it to myself. Who could I tell? If I told my children, I would send them into shock too. Why tell anyone? What could they do? So I just kept focusing on my breathing. But the breath wasn’t strong enough to anchor me this time. I just focused on sending healing energies to this poor lady in the hospital, that was the least I could do.

That night was one of the worst in my life. Am I going to make someone a widow, kill the two boys’ mother? How can I undo this? Was I going to get a phone call at any time? What if the worst happened? Would I go to jail for manslaughter? What about my children? They were still dependent and needed me.

What about my work? My reputation will be destroyed. I would never be able to work again. Will I also get sued? The head was so loud, the only way I could drown it out was with my favorite mantra Om mani padme hum a Tibetan mantra I picked up from the Himalayas that always powerfully anchored me somehow.

Why is this happening? I kept asking. How can I undo this? I can’t. So what do I do? Trust, that was the only answer I could hear. So I chanted my mantra all night till I drifted off. Then in the middle of the night I awoke with a choke in my throat and coughed as I couldn’t breathe. Found myself covered in sweat and my heart was racing. So I chanted my mantra and somehow surrendered all fears, regardless of what would happen. I didn’t know the reason and had absolutely no solution, simply trusted, even if the worst would happen, just trusted.

I woke up the next morning and tried to be as normal as possible, so as to not worry my children (though there was nothing normal at all) and then went to work. By the afternoon, I received a phone call and was told it was a miracle, she’d somehow amazingly pulled through and was out of intensive care. She had to rest  but she would recover.

Fast forward to today, this lovely lady and myself are now soul friends. I did a lot to help her after recovery, and she held absolutely no grudge or anger toward me, just always kept telling me that it was just an accident. We both learned and grew immensely, both in our own inner self.

Having pulled through a trauma like that by just holding onto that sliver of trust saw me come through onto another level. My soul had matured 10 fold after that incident. I was also humbly pulled down from my pedestal where the ego had cunningly slipped in, to know that I really don’t know. To know that there is never an end to learning while one is still a human being. And to be reminded of the infinite power that is aligned within me to the greater whole.

So what’s my point in sharing this story with you? Always trust. Sometimes we don’t know why, when , where and what. But the truth is we won’t know till later, and if we keep staying aligned and in tuned, and trust, eventually somehow All will be well. There’s always a purpose, for your soul.

If you like this post please share. If you’ve had pretty harrowing experiences like this, or worse, and pulled through to the other side, would love to hear about your insights. Please share in the comments below.




How to Self-Heal your Depression

depressed man sitting against the light reflected in the water

Recently there’s been lots of media coverage and writings about Depression. Ever since the tragic loss of Robin Williams, a well loved soul who made millions laugh and feel happy, everyone seems to have something to add or say about how to manage depression. So when I was in the middle of creating a transformational program, and this tragedy occurred, I was actually speechless for quite awhile.

I never used to bother speaking about depression because to me, it didn’t even deserve my attention. It was total history. I was too busy enjoying life than to give that label any time of the day . However, when I met people who talked to me about their depression or when I worked on clients with depression, it would always hit me with an intense tug of empathy right in the guts. I’ve never forgotten what it was like, even though now it seems surreal, almost like a totally previous life or dream.

So somehow the transformational program that I was in the midst of creating started to take shape into a program on How to Self-heal your Depression. This program is built upon a general healing, growth and transformational framework called The Gingko Journey© . This structure and process can be used for healing anything, and also for growth and evolution of your true inner self – your soul.

For when you evolve and grow on a soul level, your physical limitations, imbalances and blockages simply dissolves and you heal, grow and transform.

I’m sure you’ll agree, we’ve all been there at one time or another, the lowest of the very low, and sometimes stuck there for quite awhile. For some of you, the ability to climb out of that hole seems totally impossible and non-existent. Perhaps some of you are really great, but like me, you’re probably pained by others like friends, family, acquaintances who are suffering with this despair and fear. For depression and anxiety almost go hand-in-hand. In absolute despair, life becomes a journey plagued with fear.

So I’d like to invite you, my beautiful souls, to please take some time to view this presentation that my kids and I have spent months putting together – because our vision is: To bring more healing to our world.

For to heal our broken world, we first and foremost need to heal ourselves.

And we all have wounds, however big or small. That’s the inevitable result of this physical existence. Our wounds, imbalances and tribulations are our opportunities to step into the discovery and revelation of our true, higher, wiser and stronger self. Such is the purpose of this physical life journey.

All chronic imbalances and illnesses such as eating disorders, alcoholism, digestive disorders, chronic anxiety, excessive compulsive disorders, and the list goes on… whether diagnosed or not, are cries from our body, mind and soul for help, to start on a journey of hard work, in healing. So to truly heal, we need to heal from the core, from our soul level.

But too common these days, the majority of people choose to leave the responsibility of health and healing into some other’s hands. Some even choose to blame everything and everyone else, including the actual ‘condition’ itself. Most expect to be given a ‘magic pill’. Sadly, this perspective doesn’t lead to true healing.

However, there are also beautiful souls, like yourself, or someone you may know, who truly, genuinely want to do the work, heal and transform – but never knew you could (because you’ve never been told you could) and never knew exactly how you could.

It is for this reason and for you specifically that this program has come about. This program will not be launched to the world for another couple of months. For now I’m only opening it up to you, my valued subscribers, and all my social and professional networks, for limited spots in the full program. While I aim to facilitate you toward your  healing, I would appreciate you in helping me fine-tune the program with your regular feedback (both good and bad). As my gesture of appreciation I’d like you (if you’re suited and approved) to participate in the program totally Free! Email me after the presentation if this suits you and you’re interested.

So please hop on over and watch the 5 mins Intro then whack your email below it, get yourself a cup of tea, and sit down for a little presentation.

As you know, I always value your honest feedback, so please share and tell me in the comments section, so I can continue to improve… Please enjoy! Click here to view How to Self-Heal Your Depression




Preview on the Gingko Journey

Thank you again for embracing the series of meditation trainings over the last three weeks. Trust you’ve obtained a lot of benefits and enjoyed them. For those of you who have been very committed and diligent, I’m so joyful for you, you would have already had some amazing experiences and shifts within you, however big or little.  Please continue to… Read more →