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Is Money Spiritual?

Business Man Displaying a Spread of CashAs one would expect I was totally prepared to write another blog shouting from the roof top on my passion with self-healing and transformation, in line with this week’s exciting preopening of the Gingko Journey. However something else prompted me to write about a totally different kind of topic this weekend.

Among the flood of supportive and positive feedback and responses from people this week on the Gingko Journey, there were also some who were very skeptical and scoffed at my claims and messages of hope. Totally understandable and expected, as when we confront limited beliefs, it stirs up fear and unease. As Marianne Williamson was quoted as saying,

“Our deepest fear is not that we’re inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we’re powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.”

What was very interesting, though not too surprising to me, was a personal email from a subscriber who expressed to me her utmost disdain that I should be “making a business out of spirituality.” She also announced that she would promptly unsubscribe herself from my email list.

It was sad to see her go, but it reminded me of where I used to be only just over a year ago, for I had a huge blockage with the issue of business, not to mention, money. The word money or the thought of my bank balance would stir up nausea within me, literally.

Thankfully, even though I was such, Life still kept providing me with enough, despite never having budgeted or planned anything. Then again, my needs and wants were very basic and simple – food, water and shelter.

In this post I wanted to write about money because I know many of us ‘spiritual’ folks have either been in this predicament or perhaps are still at a dilemma with these issues on a core level. There used to be a huge wall between money and myself because I used to perceive money as bad, greedy, manipulative, exploitative and most certainly not spiritual – after all Money is the root of all evil isn’t that what we’ve always been brought up to believe?

My life experiences up till then had involved knowing and living with people who were obsessed with money and perceived it as the ultimate mean to potential freedom and happiness. Paradoxically, I also experienced seeing these people literally lose their soul. So it further confirmed my already established belief about money, being the root of all suffering.

One evening just over a year ago, as I was listening in on an online chat with some spiritual teacher while cooking dinner on the stove, a sentence she said rang through my heart and hit a profound chord, “The more I have the more I can give”.

Just prior to that, Life had also been bringing me lots of instances and events where people would keep trying to give me lots of things – from basketful of fruits to gifts of money. But I would always turn them away politely or give them back. I know, that’s pretty rude, but to me I just didn’t know how to receive.

You see when I was growing up, I never learned how to receive, or never felt on a subconscious level, worthy enough to receive. If I did receive, I would be forever obligated and indebted. However, by being open and in tuned, Life brought me to the realization that by not receiving gifts that souls shared to me from their hearts, I was actually depriving them from their joys of giving their energies of love.

I was depriving them from the natural flow of energies to return to them what they tried to project and give out. Money, like everything in life, is fluid and an energy that is part of a universal flow, unless we attach it, be it through fear or love. The giving and receiving honors the reality of that flow.

As well, in not knowing how to receive from Life energy, I can’t continue to manifest the universal and higher purpose through me. So when that phrase The more I have the more I can give struck me like an arrow, it shifted something profound within me. A whole stack of layers slowly peeled off (if you’ve watched the Gingko Journey Presentation, you’ll know what I mean with Human Layers).

Soon after lots and lots of amazing people started to come into my life – people who are abundant with this so-called money but also along with the money, they are still aligned within themselves and are creating amazing changes in the world. I slowly started to see that money isn’t evil, greedy, manipulative, exploitative and non spiritual. In fact, money isn’t anything. It’s only paper, coins and a number on your bank account. It’s the person who uses it that creates it into whatever. In short, money is simply a tool.

A tool not unlike a chisel, you can use it to carve out a beautiful object of use and beauty, or you can use it to damage or kill another. Now I have no fear nor love for this tool, but simply respect it as a tool that can powerfully serve a vision. It’s the purpose and intention that needs to be centered and aligned in using this tool.

I’m sharing this story with with you because I’ve often been asked this question in spiritual circles. I also know a number of conscious friends and clients who hold this issue with conflict within themselves, then consequently judge others based on that dilemma and perception. So has that doubt ever arisen in you? Is money spiritual? 

The answer lies not in the tool, but the energy behind the tool being used. So check in with yourself – are your intentions, purpose and visions aligned and pure? Check also if there are judgements, preconceived ideas and conditioned thinking within you that have arisen from your past and upbringing. Do these acquired layers serve you in an empowering way or do they block you from moving and thriving forward with your true soul purpose?

As for me, now money doesn’t make me nauseated anymore! In fact I don’t think about it much at all, just like one wouldn’t obsess with a garden rake. Just use it when you need to rake up those pile of dry leaves, and when it breaks, work hard to build yourself another rake!

In fact it’s most exciting and a gift, because through this tool called business or money, I’m able to channel the energy of hope, healing and change. The vision of creating a ripple in the pond to affect more love and awakening into our world can be achieved instead of getting infuriated at the government and politics who are not making conscious choices.

Perhaps awhile ago I was fully content just sitting under my jacaranda tree and meditating into all levels of transcendence, while sending compassionate energy out to the world. Now however, Life has swerved me into a more active role, and one can’t help but feel honored and privileged to flow with that compelling aligning force within. As I sit up some nights till 3am wondering where this compelling drive comes from, the image of one of my all-time favourite film, music and characters keep popping up in my head :)

They are, of course, the infamous Jake and Elwood, and their compelling force!

Okay, so onto the Gingko Journey: In line with this topic of the 5 letter word called money, the shedding of the layers of all that block you are part of the transformations in a journey of growth and shifts such as the Gingko Journey. You don’t have to be chronically ill or plagued with a debilitating Depression to know that life consists of continuous lessons for you to expand into.

It may be blockages and limitations in your life like the money issues, self-sabotaging conditioning, inability to find true love, excessive compulsive patterns, the constant plague of negativity in your life, and the list goes on. Your true purpose in this lifetime is to continue to evolve and mature your soul toward your ultimate divine self of wholeness. This is exactly what we do on the Gingko Journey!

So if your heart has been telling you it’s the right time, please click here to opt-in and watch the Free Presentation (if you still haven’t yet) and come join me now through the link in the Gingko Journey Details Page. Check out the transformational experiences of some of our Gingko Journeyers. Your real living truly begins after joining this journey…

Please share your thoughts and insights on what, if any, blockages that have persistently held you back or kept you stale. How have profound shifts within you helped change your outer reality? Would love to hear your insights and experiences in the comments box below.

Blessings to you!





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