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Meditation Retraining your mind


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While meditation is gaining in popularity, there are still too many people who shun it. Some of the common reasons I’ve come across are no time, too busy, have other better things to do, can’t do it, too hard, I can’t be still, I get more stressed out trying to stop my brain from thinking. 

The truth is it’s not about getting your brain to stop, for while you’re still alive, that brain will always be thinking. While meditation can bring calm and even bliss, there’s more to it than just an escape or a quick remedy for stress.

This first meditation of a 3-part series gets back to the very basics, for I’d like to teach you to meditate on your own, not just give you a guided meditation. The ultimate benefit and power of this meditation training series will depend on how and why you use them. If you wish to use them as just a short voice to guide you into some moment of chilling out, then that’s what you may obtain. It will just remain as a technique, no different to a really great piece of music.

However if you’re ready to delve deeper and use meditation as an empowering tool toward self-discovery, healing and transformation, then you need to practice with wisdom. I always work in teaching, guiding and facilitating from the place of “Teaching you to fish, instead of just giving you the fish”.

Through my years of teaching meditation and from my own practices, I’ve come to learn that the most powerful shift occurs when you realize that:

1. You are not your thoughts – If you can see your thoughts and are aware that you’re thinking, then you are not them. Once you can detach from your thoughts, you’ve returned to your awareness, which is your true state.

2. Your thoughts feed on the attention you give them – the more you entertain or resist your thoughts, the stronger they become. So the key is to not wander off with your thoughts, nor fight them. Simply watch and allow them, by staying in your detached awareness. Your breath is often used as an anchor or focus for your awareness, but other means like sounds, mantras, images etc. may also be effective.

3. You regain power and control over your thoughts – when you deprive them of your attention, your thoughts become less gripping and eventually quieter, until one day it may almost seem like they’re gone! When your thoughts are quieter they lose power over you, and you (the awareness) regain your rightful power.

Why is it essential to regain power over your thoughts?

Because your thoughts consist predominantly of past or future. Very rarely is it just of the fresh present. For the present doesn’t need to be thought of, it’s simply just being.

Past is already gone, future is not yet here. So you’ll be wasting the precious present and all your energies engaging in futile unrealities of past and future which you can’t affect at all from your thinking. But you can learn from your past and change or affect your future by how present you are in the present moment.

If you don’t claim your rightful power over your thoughts, then they will spiral chronically into obsessive levels and control you. This will leave you drained, stressed and unproductive. At worst, it can drive you insane. For obsessive thoughts are also significantly coloured by past conditioning and default patterns established through your past life experiences. So if self-defeating and disempowering thoughts were instilled into you from young or earlier years, they will continue to disable your whole being.

When you regain your rightful power over your thoughts then you can have the choice to diffuse damaging thoughts and create new empowering ones. But first you must regain your power position as your awareness.

Thoughts are powerful for they are waves of energy that create your reality. So when you change your thoughts, you can change your reality.

Your mental mind is a paradox. While it’s immensely powerful, it’s still just your tool. A tool can be used either to create beauty, or to destroy, you are the one with the choice. But you only have choice if you are in control. And you are only in control if you have the power. So it all begins with regaining your power as the master of your mental brain.

Power = control = choice = transformation, creations, healing.

Never be afraid to move away from your thinking mental mind, you will not end up a blank zombie, trust me. While you work with me, I will always help you integrate your true reality.

When your thinking mind is subdued you’ll be amazed at how powerful your heart intuition and wisdom start to reveal. This is far more superior and intelligent than the thinking mind for it’s your infinite source. Then you’ll implement your heart wisdom using the powerful tool of the functional mental mind.

Quieter thoughts will naturally bring you peace, and a heightened awareness is calm, clarity and wisdom.

Turbulent waters in a river stream are murky and cloudy, you can’t see clearly to the bottom. But when you allow, watch and wait, eventually the sediment will settle and calm and clarity emerge.

The importance of this simple meditation retraining your mind is also to enable you the conscious choice in allowing this skill to filter into your daily living. When you become skilled at staying in your present awareness without drifting off into 10,000 thoughts in various directions, this skill will also become second nature to you in your daily conflicts and challenges. Hence, you’ll gain more clarity, energy and peace in your day, and not just on the meditation pillow.

To recap, the most significant part of this meditation is that in quietening your thoughts, you’re spontaneously revealing into your silent awareness. This is most powerful because it’s your silent awareness that is the key to not just calm and peace, but also strength, healing, transformation and wisdom.

This silent awareness is not just a moment of bliss spot, it is the real and true you beyond mind and body. It is your true state of being, untainted, whole and divine. Nurture it, pay attention to it, make time for it, for this will allow it to unfold into its full completeness – which is the true purpose of why you’re here.

So even though this first meditation training might seem very simple and basic, I’d like you to take a slightly different approach. Set no expectations, no demands (not even to be calm) be open and a clean slate and allow yourself to return to your silent awareness, be revealed and enjoy!

If you have any questions or doubts please ask in the comments below. Please also, would love to hear your experiences and insights. Happy practising this week :) and look out for Video 2 (Reconnecting with your body wisdom) in your inbox next week !


Love and Light to you,



Why Meditate?

women meditating

Why meditate? Or better still why not meditate?

A very dear client of mine arrived for her appointment yesterday very stressed and unwell. She has been a very dedicated and committed transcendental meditator for almost 40 years.

Due to a most turbulent and challenging year she has had thus far, with one stress after another, she’s now found herself in severe pain with some sort of inflammation in her digestive system. This left her most upset and she remarked “I don’t know if I should continue to meditate any more, it doesn’t seem to keep me away from nature’s harm”.

I replied with “I think you should continue to meditate, because you’d probably be a lot worse than you are, if you hadn’t”, but it also prompted me to ask her “so why do you meditate?”

Meditation is becoming increasingly popular these days, which is so awesome. It’s no longer considered weird or a hippy-ish to meditate, and it’s not a practice confined only to the spiritual recluse. Doctors recommend patients to take up meditation, and yoga and meditation classes are gaining in popularity.

Just today I saw a big fancy ad for meditation apps with amazing music, accompanied by a list of the benefits of meditation. These range from relaxing you for better sleep to boosting your sexual fulfilment.

All well and true, and most certainly the benefits of meditation are endless. And the need for promoting it is so crucial for the health and wellbeing of every human being. However, as with my client, if you are already a regular meditator, stop occasionally and check in on why do you meditate?  

Is meditation your form of escape from this physical reality?

Or is your meditation another pursuit like everything else in life? with all its attached expectations and desires? Do you use meditation as a tool for achieving a healthy, wealthy and happy mind and body? just like you might use a green juice or gluten free diet with the expectation of improved health and vitality.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that expectation and desire at the initial level. That’s usually how and why most of us start taking up meditation. But as your practice matures, meditation should be infused with wisdom. The expectations and desires should fall away and transmute into just being. 

Meditation becomes a natural state, not just a practice or ritual. There are no more expectations or desires, not even for the pursuit of enlightenment. It’s just a state of full presence as the real you, that silent and still core beneath all the noise and movement.

Then as you mature further still, this natural state becomes your true state every day, all the time, not just when you can sit on that pillow, put on that guiding voice on the tape, or the binaural beats and nature music.

med fingerMeditation is simply being there just as you are, uncloaked from all your physical mind and body, in total inward reflection, void completely of any demands, expectations and desires.

Coupled with the cultivation of wisdom, you come to realize that peace is all you are, despite and beyond the the turbulence of your physical life and world.

As you may know, I’ve always shouted from the roof top about the wondrous benefits and power of meditation. But in working with many clients through their journeys and healing, I’ve come to realize that meditation itself  without guidance and wisdom is just another ritual and technique. It may give you short-term benefits but to mature into your own inner wisdom is another level altogether.

That’s the reason why traditionally meditation practices have always been taught and done under the guidance of a teacher or master who are further along their path, until the student’s wisdom matures and surpasses the master’s. That’s why in my past journey of growth and healing, I’ve sought and chosen to be guided by enlightened beings that I resonated with, in cultivating my wisdom along with my meditation practice.

While I’m not professing to be any kind of master or teacher, I would like to share all that I’ve accumulated and cultivated along my journeys with you.  So this blog is the first of a series I will feature over the next few weeks on exploring into meditation – the hows, whys and whats.

As a subscriber of Spirit Pond you will receive a series of 3 meditation training videos, the first one into your inbox next week. The distinct difference between these trainings and other meditation techniques you buy off the shelves are:

1) They are Free – it’s a personal thing but it has always been a long standing belief within me that meditation should be free, because to me it’s a gift. And so, a gift is something I’d like to freely share and gift along as well.

2) They come with guidance - not just in the form of guided meditation initially. But guidance into whys, whats and hows because these can help point you toward insights, truths and transformation. Without depth and wisdom, a meditation may remain just a technique, ritual and phone app.

3) They are simple - even though I’ve explored and still use various forms of meditations from a list of all sorts cultivated through my journeys, namely Qi, mantras, chakras, sounds, tantras, kundalini, third eye, creative visualisation, breathwork, etc. the ultimate is still the simple silent meditation. Its my favourite and to me, the most powerful. So I’ll like to share this simplicity with you.

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Until next week, I hope you’re as excited as I am in bringing this to you! :)




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