Every Precious Fresh Moment

bee with bumblebee are collecting nectar

Pic credit: Dreamstime; Alexey Lisovoy

Through Baby’s Eyes


Every new moment is a birth and a death

Beholding unknown wonder awe and possibilities

Old chapters remain in the banks sealed with ribbons of love and tenderness

but new unknown awaits in the tick of every new moment.


The sky never is brushed with exactly the same strokes and hues

The wind never kisses your face exactly the same way

More new strangers to smile at every day

More tears to shed for pickling the old heart with sweet love.


More intimacy to be had with new experiences

More new faces to behold, bodies to hug

Arguments and tantrums to have

Faraway lands to venture

Or simply silent sitting on the same bench.


Regardless of age and time

Place or space

The grass is never the same green

one moment to the next

When we look feel and touch

as only the fresh current of life does!


~ patsie smith 3 sept 2015


If you’re middle-aged like myself and have reached a point in your life where you may feel like you’re quite at rest, comfortable in your own skin, have been through and done them all ~ and now perhaps you’re bored and slightly dwindling in that zest for life.

Or you may be young and ripe, but find that the monotony of this conforming life has somehow slid you into a rut. You’ve lost motivation, direction and spirit of excitement.

This can easily happen especially in our fast paced lives of stress-laden pressures and expectations. leaving us drained and depleted.

Furthermore, if one is also stuck in the dysfunctional patterns of emotional and mental baggages, the lugging of them around adds to the heaviness of life. The weight shadows and clouds the joy and everyday freshness of life.

Through fresh new eyes when all the illusions of the self (which is a mental fabrication of the mind) is seen, and all that the self lugs around, every precious moment is a birth and death. Even if daily activities may seemingly appear the same, every little happening is a mystery.

A fully present and fresh mind is a clear canvas for new perceptions every day. Color hues vary, creatures that flutter by are different, every fiber of every moment is a potential for something new. However, all is missed if it’s viewed and lived through old heavy-laden eyes and hearts.

Sometimes this may require that you make a concerted effort to break out of monotonous and disempowering patterns or habits. Sometimes, regardless of your age, it may require the courage to step out of your comfort zone, into the unknown. Try something new, do something different, embark on that challenge, take risks, let go of old baggages, open your heart…

Life is short, tis only a brief window in which to fully live, experience, taste and kiss life to the fullest. You are life and the magnificence of this wonder is its own beholding every day, and every precious fresh moment!

I will be doing one such very soon, as I embark on a big trip in a few weeks time to the wondrous lands of Alaska and the forests of Canada.

I will endeavor to write you some posts inspired by my upcoming adventures soon!

All my love,


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