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Movie Blog – Inception

This week I’m starting a new series where once a month I will attempt to blog an expanded perspective on a chosen movie. These blogs are most definitely not ‘movie reviews’, rather they’re chosen perspectives, wisdom and profound messages that I aim to extract out of some very well-made movies that are creations from the realm of the infinite. I will begin with this first one on a movie which have intrigued me since I heard about it when it was first released in 2010.

So I sat myself down a week ago, and immersed myself into this movie called Inception which has had raving reviews. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole movie from start to finish, many times through out thinking, “Oh pause that… write that line of dialogue down, that’s profound!”

It’s a movie about dreams, reality and non-reality, but also about the power of dreams and the nature of dreams as a projections of our subconscious. While the movie is fiction, the key concepts and ideas in the movie are profoundly paralleled to certain expanded truths of our reality beyond this physical – also it contains certain elements of Eastern practices like Yoga Nidra, Buddhist Dream Yoga and even in the West, the art of lucid dreaming.

Myself personally, I have at one time explored briefly into the practice of Dream Yoga and Yoga Nidra, though not extensively.  I’ve naturally been an effortless lucid dreamer as it is, as it used to be my natural way of escaping from this physical reality, during my dysfunctional childhood.

Dreams can occur during waking moments (day dreaming) or during sleep – and how real they are or become depends on where you choose to place your conscious attachment. What do I mean by this?

Well, Dom Cobb (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) put it as “They say we only use a fraction of our brain’s potential when we’re awake.. ” Indeed neuroscience continuously uncovers new facts and wonders about the human brain “The human brain is the most complex and least understood biological structure in the known universe.” – National Science Foundation (NSF). It has been said that we probably only use about 10% of our brain when awake.

When you’re asleep for an average of 6-8 hours a night, you dream about 4-5 times, during the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) phase and in general you don’t remember your dreams unless you wake up in the middle of them. Of course, this is different if you learn or apply the art of lucid dreaming, yoga nidra or dream yoga. Then you can remain conscious in your dreams, are aware that you’re dreaming, and to some degree have control in your dreams.

In deep sleep (non REM) your brain moves into delta waves but in active dream state (REM) it is of the same brain waves as awake states. As such deep sleep states (non dreaming) is essential for your brain’s processing of daily events, purging of unwanted excessive mental and emotional memories and restructuring of new space in the brain for new functioning. That’s why if you continuously have less than 5 hrs sleep a night (as I have been guilty of in the past) I’m sure you’ll agree with me, that you can end up feeling like a zombie!

Constant sleep deprivation (a plague of modern fast-paced stress-filled societies) is harmful and even dangerous, because it deprives not just the brain of its natural daily processing and clearing, but also the body of its natural regeneration and renewal processes. Many organs in your body such as your liver, does its amazing detoxification and renewal during deep sleep. So catch up with your sleep, or break the cycle of your lack of sleep.

Now back to the movie, what I found most exciting was the fact that dreams are a projection of your subconscious. For indeed they are, the subconscious is the level of your mind that’s not in your conscious awareness. It is generally uncontrolled as it’s beyond conscious awareness ie. if you are not conscious of something, you generally have no control. However, materials in the subconscious can be brought into conscious awareness, then can be altered or controlled.

The subconscious mind is an instinctual and primal part of your mind, it stores all mental and emotional overload that can’t be sufficiently held and processed by the conscious mind. It also stores primal instinctual responses from traumas and stressful events in your life that may trigger your amygdala fight or flight.

As such it is in dreams that the subconscious can get the opportunity to unleash, process and regroup that level of your mind. That is why the sense of your dream is more significant than the actual literal storyline of your dream. For example, if you have nightmares, instead of getting worried about the details of your dream extensively, look more for the sense of the dream – was it fear, anxiety, anger, despair? For that is the mental and emotional energy that is being suppressed and contained from the conscious level but now being processed by the subconscious level.

Unless of course, you have evolved your psychic abilities into refined higher sense perceptions, then dreams can also be the way that your subconscious may communicate to you – by giving you messages and clarity. The subconscious knows beyond the conscious physical (which is really only about 10% usage of total mind) from the banks of all previous experiences of your whole lifetimes, even beyond this one. This is not to state that it is the ultimate all-knowing but only deeper more expanded knowing, beyond just this physical time, space and lifetime.

The other interesting concept covered in the movie is the question of reality vs non-reality or perceptions vs reality. What is real? Really? You perceive in awake state that this is real because this reality is so immediate through your five raw senses. However, when in a dream you perceive that is totally real, it’s not until you wake up from your sleep that you realize you’ve been dreaming. So what if, this too is really just another dream? Only when you wake up from this dream, that you will realize such! What is real to you is simply where your conscious level chooses to reside. Your reality can and does shift.

That is the one of the basis of yoga nidra and dream yoga. In Eastern wisdom and traditions they’re used and practiced to transcend from this physical reality, because once one realizes and can transcend this physical level, one awakens from that dream that this physical is the only and true reality. As such, it can be a practice used by some toward achieving enlightenment.


Finally the labyrinth of multi-levelled dream dimensions as portrayed by Dom and his late wife, in maintaining their connections within their own reality; is another parallel to the truth of the multidimensional nature of our true infinite field. Not only are you a  multidimensional being (containing all and every lifetime energetic prints and energies within you) but your universal reality in which you are a manifestation of, consists of multiple dimensions as well, devoid of time and space.

As such, some souls enjoy using the art of lucid dreaming through training their conscious minds into the subconscious levels, and hence, be able to enjoy creating and experiencing realities beyond this physical – which can be fun, exciting and beneficial but also can be draining and harmful if not mastered wisely. For the realities of other dimensions are not subjected to the laws of this physical dimension.

So that’s it for this first movie blog – Inception. Suffice to say, the whole nature of our reality is an infinite mystery of wonder, that alone is a realization that is enough to remind us to embrace this present moment to the full. For in true reality sense, the present, past and future, are all contained within you here and now, or is it? :)

[The director of Inception, Christopher Nolan was apparently inspired by the Japanese anime film Paprika by Satoshi Kori – a more way-out presentation of the multidimensional subconscious conceptual realities)

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Please be welcomed to drop me your comments in the box below. What are your thoughts on dreams? or this movie? did you enjoy the movie too? Perhaps you have more insights and wisdom to share too… ?


Blessings and Love,





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