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Why Fast?

Lemonade with fresh lemon

I’d like to share with you the beautiful and exquisite experience I had this morning when I took the first sip of my soy chai with honey. I could taste and relish every flavor and spice, and the sustenance as it filled my empty stomach.

Have you ever fasted?

Not the 40-days-and night-Jesus-in-the-desert type fast but just a short daily or weekly fast. There are many different types of fasting – generally it’s complete abstinence from food and with only intake of water or perhaps pure juices as well.

I’ve done quite a few fasting phases in the past when healing myself from digestive issues and in restoring my liver back to full health. The intense liver cleanses which I’ve done in my past with Andreas Moritz’s Amazing Gallbladder and Liver Cleanse technique was interspersed with 24hr fasts.

However, I’ve lagged off in my routine for awhile due to being busy of late, getting caught up with work, selling house, moving house, setting up a new home, etc. (excuses, excuses!)

So yesterday I decided it was time, a fasting day was long overdue. My 24hr fast usually includes no foods at all, only liquids. So my last meal was the night before, and when I awoke the next morning it was just a cup of hot lemon water, then throughout the day with more pure filtered water and dandelion root tea.

By afternoon my stomach longed for the banana in the fruit bowl when I walked past the kitchen. The thoughts and images of many who are starving in the world flashed before me. I could feel their hunger.

By evening my body was subdued and calm and my mind very quiet. Everything around me was vivid and I am filled with a deep reverence for life. As I sat in meditation before bedtime, my body was buzzing on the insides. I slept peacefully.

This morning I awoke after not having eaten any solid foods for 24 hours, feeling slightly weak and downed another cup of warm lemon water. Then I headed off to the farmer’s markets to get my supply of organic vegetables, plus grabbed my cup of soy chai to break my fast.

As I stood in the morning sun and sipped it slowly, my body was nourished and my mind and soul submerged in gratitude. So thankful for the blessings of bountiful and wholesome foods, I could feel my cells soaking up each ounce of energy from the chai, sunshine, fresh air and life all around me. It was pure bliss and joy.

Fasting is an enlightening experience besides being very rejuvenating and renewing for your physiological body. This is just a 24hr fast, a week’s fasting will leave you feeling quite elevated from this physical world.

My body feels revived, cleansed and light. I’m now reminded of how good it is and have decided to make sure I commit to one fasting day a week for this amazing renewal.

So why fast? A day’s fast works on every level of you. Your digestive system gets a well-earned break from all the hard work, your elimination system gets a detoxification, your mind and body slow and quieten down, your heart opens up to the less fortunate and suffering, and your soul centers and renews.

A bit like nature, after a drought all life sprouts and thrives at the next round of rain and plenty. So too, every organ and cell in your body thrives after a break. Let’s face it, we generally eat too much and too often. We tend to think, do and have too much. Having a break from abundance returns us to a deep sense of reverence and appreciation.

So I highly recommend it! If you haven’t tried it, you should give it a go. Of course, if you have a serious medical condition, please consult your physician or therapist first before fasting. Usually it’s still fairly safe if you sustain yourself with pure vegetable juices.

Please tune in again next week, as I start presenting a series of blog posts and feature articles and interviews on self-healing, empowerment and transformation over the coming month.

Dear beautiful soul, please share your experiences with fasting, or if you have any queries or wisdom to add, would love to hear your voice in the comments box below.


Blessings to you,

Patsie :)

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